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С Новым семестром учёбы!

Добрый день, друзья, с Новым годом, с Новым счастьем и с Новым семестром учебы.
Первые учебные недели наиболее сложные, после праздников процесс обучения особенно медлительный.
В связи с этим обращаю Ваше внимание на первые занятия и первые Домашние самостоятельные задания.
Каждая подгруппа знает, какой фильм на английском языке мы смотрели в течение прошлой учебной недели.
Убедительно прошу Вас ознакомиться со списком трейлеров на нашем сайте и найти время для просмотра Вашего фильма.
Задания по просмотренному фильму в составе блока Summary будут строго оцениваться, не упустите шанс получить хорошие оценки,
а также удовольствие от просмотра иностранных фильмов. Удачи и с надеждой на понимание!
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Accounting and Economical Situations

Dear students of the group 147, let’s practice English doing some exercises, using our active vocabulary and as a result we’ll extend our knowledge of Accounting.

Task № 1. Read the text “Directors&Managers”. Find the answers to the following questions in the text:

  1. How many directors can a private company have ? 2.   Who heads a limited liability company ? 3.  How is managing director appointed ? 4. What are his duties ? 5. What is the deputy manager?

Task № 2. Fill in the words used in the text: 

 In large organizations managing director is of ten  …  by a general manager.   A  …  company must have at least two directors.  They are not subject to any  …  or nationality restrictions.

Task № 3. Sum up what the text says about:

  •  directors of private companies
  •  directors of public companies
  •  managers
  • assistants and deputies
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Dialogue (group 157)

Dear students of my accounting group 157,

Please, look through the task below for  Your first on-line practice in English:

Insert the missed words in a dialogue below:

Jack: You … rather pale. Aren’t you feeling …?
Glenn: Not very. I … sick most of the night. I didn’t … very well.
Jack: What seems to be the matter? Is it the flu?
Glenn: No, I … it’s something I … We … at the new restaurant last night, and I must have … something that didn’t agree with me.
Jack: Was it that new restaurant on Gyde Street?
Glenn: As a matter of fact, it was. Why do you …?
Jack: Because, Jerry … there last week and had the … kind of problem. He was sick the next day, too.
Glenn: That’s … Maybe the health authorities should … the place.
Jack: That’s what I think. Two people with … problems in such a short time … just be a coincidence!

Good luck!

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Computer and users…let’s continue…

Dear students, my future IT-specialists, hereinafter your second TASK. (145)

Make two-word expressions connected with computing by combining words from two lists: A and B. Match each created set expression with the appropriate phrase below.

A: stored                    B: processing
permanent                      device
word                                 output
handheld                          storage
input                                 calculator
computer                          program

1. A small electronic instrument allowing you to do mathematical functions.
2. A set of instructions understood by a computer and kept in its memory.
3. A piece of equipment, such as a mouse or keyboard.
4. A form of volume in which information can be stored for a long time.
5. The use of a computer to edit, format, store or print a piece of text.
6. Reports, music, documents and pictures produced by a computer.

Dear students, hereinafter your third TASK. (145)

Make three-word expressions connected with computing combining words from three lists: A, B and C. Match each expression with the appropriate phrase.

A:      central                  B:      circuit                  C:      disk

liquid                             video                             network

hard                              processing                     drive

main                              crystal                           unit

digital                            area                               display

local                              disk                               board

  1. This computer network is located within a limited geographical area such as a small business or a university lab.
  2. The part of a computer that controls all the other parts of the system.
  3. An electronic device that is used to display information in many calculators and portable computers.
  4. A central flat card used as a base on which electronic components are placed and then connected together by wires.
  5. A type of volume used for storing movies.
  6. A disk drive that passes data to or from the hard disk and the computer.

Good luck!

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How different landscape is…

How different landscape is…

Hello, dear students! My congrats with New Year. I hope You are ready to continue our communication via network. Please, find  the text with missed words below. The task is to look through the list of active vocabulary and insert the appropriate word to blanks. Feel free to comment upon this task. Good luck! 

P.S. Be aware it is one of Your mandatory  on-line task. 

 mild, community, landscape, time zones, stability, plains, politeness, patient, self-confidence, extremes, severe, hospitality, balanced, mountains, optimism, vast, risk-takers

TASK I (152)

I have never realized that (1)___________ can influence personality traits. For example, there are no (2)___________ in the landscape of Great Britain. Most of the island consists of flat (3)__________ and hills. (4)___________ can be found only in the northern and western areas of the country. Great Britain has a (5)____________ climate so it is never too hot or too cold. Because of this steady climate the Englishmen are very (6)____________, that means they don’t get out of control easily. The other world-famous trait of the Englishmen is (7)_____________. As for the American national character, its roots lay in the history of conquering America. The first settlers had to overcome many difficulties and this resulted in traits such as (8)_____________ and (9)_____________. America is a (10)___________ country and you can find four (11)______________ there. The landscape is also varied. A lot of people came to this new continent in search of a new life. So we can say that the whole nation is the nation of (12)____________. The most famous Russian trait is (13)_____________. Russian people have a very strong sense of (14)____________, because it is easy to perform difficult tasks together. The climate in the European part of Russia and Siberia is very (15)_____________. Sometimes it is very difficult to predict what the weather will be like tomorrow, so it taught Russian people to be (16)___________. Because of such unpredictable weather most Russian people value (17)_____________


Read the text “National emblems of Great Britain” and find  English equivalents to the following words and word combinations:

символ мира, две розы были объединены…, поражение короля, нарцисс и лук-порей, дикое растение, листья с шипами, наступить на чертополох, белая луковица, обыкновенный в форме колокольчика цветок, множество золотых нарциссов, белый клевер, три листа на стебле,  иллюстрация церковного таинства


Give Russian equivalents to the following words and word combinations from the mentioned text:

to be good for plants, a kind of clover, to be the national flower, to step on a thistle, to take the thistle as the national emblem, to live on bread and leeks, prickly leaves, to wear leeks, to be a vegetable related to the onion, a long white bulb, to think the leek vulgar, to be a very common bell-shaped pale yellow flower, a host of golden daffodils, a small white clover,  bearing three leaves on the stem, an illustration of the mystery

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Let’s talk about Computer basics…

Hi, dear students! My congrats with New Year. I hope You remember that Your last  weeks for studying are coming soon. Let’s practice our communication then. Please, find below the list of statements. Feel free to revise Your special active vocabulary related to IT-matters. The task is to read them and comment upon whether it is TRUE or FALSE. Good luck. 

P.S. Be aware it is one of Your mandatory  on-line task. 

TASK I (145)

1. A computer can be defined by its ability to perform different mathematical and logical operations according to a set of instructions.

2. Computers had already been used before WWII.

3. There is no any significant difference between memory and storage.

4. Computer programs and software mean the same.

5. CPU is a part of a computer that controls all other parts of the system.

6. Computers and calculators are very similar devices which are based on the stored program concept.

Your comments or explanations are highly appreciated.