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Accounting and Economical Situations

Dear students of the group 147, let’s practice English doing some exercises, using our active vocabulary and as a result we’ll extend our knowledge of Accounting.

Task № 1. Read the text “Directors&Managers”. Find the answers to the following questions in the text:

  1. How many directors can a private company have ? 2.   Who heads a limited liability company ? 3.  How is managing director appointed ? 4. What are his duties ? 5. What is the deputy manager?

Task № 2. Fill in the words used in the text: 

 In large organizations managing director is of ten  …  by a general manager.   A  …  company must have at least two directors.  They are not subject to any  …  or nationality restrictions.

Task № 3. Sum up what the text says about:

  •  directors of private companies
  •  directors of public companies
  •  managers
  • assistants and deputies

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