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Dialogue (group 157)

Dear students of my accounting group 157,

Please, look through the task below for  Your first on-line practice in English:

Insert the missed words in a dialogue below:

Jack: You … rather pale. Aren’t you feeling …?
Glenn: Not very. I … sick most of the night. I didn’t … very well.
Jack: What seems to be the matter? Is it the flu?
Glenn: No, I … it’s something I … We … at the new restaurant last night, and I must have … something that didn’t agree with me.
Jack: Was it that new restaurant on Gyde Street?
Glenn: As a matter of fact, it was. Why do you …?
Jack: Because, Jerry … there last week and had the … kind of problem. He was sick the next day, too.
Glenn: That’s … Maybe the health authorities should … the place.
Jack: That’s what I think. Two people with … problems in such a short time … just be a coincidence!

Good luck!

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