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Computer and users…let’s continue…

Dear students, my future IT-specialists, hereinafter your second TASK. (145)

Make two-word expressions connected with computing by combining words from two lists: A and B. Match each created set expression with the appropriate phrase below.

A: stored                    B: processing
permanent                      device
word                                 output
handheld                          storage
input                                 calculator
computer                          program

1. A small electronic instrument allowing you to do mathematical functions.
2. A set of instructions understood by a computer and kept in its memory.
3. A piece of equipment, such as a mouse or keyboard.
4. A form of volume in which information can be stored for a long time.
5. The use of a computer to edit, format, store or print a piece of text.
6. Reports, music, documents and pictures produced by a computer.

Dear students, hereinafter your third TASK. (145)

Make three-word expressions connected with computing combining words from three lists: A, B and C. Match each expression with the appropriate phrase.

A:      central                  B:      circuit                  C:      disk

liquid                             video                             network

hard                              processing                     drive

main                              crystal                           unit

digital                            area                               display

local                              disk                               board

  1. This computer network is located within a limited geographical area such as a small business or a university lab.
  2. The part of a computer that controls all the other parts of the system.
  3. An electronic device that is used to display information in many calculators and portable computers.
  4. A central flat card used as a base on which electronic components are placed and then connected together by wires.
  5. A type of volume used for storing movies.
  6. A disk drive that passes data to or from the hard disk and the computer.

Good luck!

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